Strollin’ the City of Joy

Sitting on a bench along the footpath, besides the chai-wala, he was waiting for a cup of tea and stared at the busy narrow street in front of him. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
For many years, Kolkata has been the destination for many street photography enthusiast. “The City of Joy,” a sobriquet given to Kolkata, is quite matching. The vibrancy and liveliness of the City is a thing worthy to be witnessed. The city’s rich cultural heritage and a highly diverse anthropogenic activities are so immense that every moment is a golden moment. Every street has its own uniqueness.

Zebra Crossing at AJC Bose Road, near Mother House. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
There are different modes of transportation in function. Some drove a luxurious cars, some ride on a cycle rickshaw. Some ride on a metro, some on a tram. The robust ambassador taxi ruled the streets of the city of joy. With the advent of online booking system, Uber and Ola marked their entry in the city’s traffic with a modern vehicles. Electric tram has still been one of the identity of Kolkata.

A young street barber taking care of his customer. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
Walking on the streets of Kolkata is like watching a timelapse video. Crossing each junction will lead you to a whole new different scene. The faster you walk, the faster you came across uniquely different things. From roadside barbers to roadside dentist. Almost everything happened on the roadside.

Muri Wala roasting chana. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
The best thing about Kolkata is the street food. Muri and chana are one of the finest, yet cheap fastfood available.

A Chai-wala at Chandni Chawk. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
The tea offered by the City’s roadside Chai Wala’s are far more tastier than those offered by hi-fi restaurants. Nothing beats the aroma of the freshly prepared tea, poured on an earthen cup.

Beef market, Alimuddin Street. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
Though the country is in dilemma over the abolition of beef, Kolkata offers you the finest beef. The amount of protein the city consumed through beef would definitely be enormous!

Besides the butcher, a bull was enjoying its last meal. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
Even though Kolkata is dominated by the non-beef eating sect, they do not impose any hindrances to the beef eating community.

Meat shop at Alimuddin Street. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
The way they display the meat is another fascinating thing about the meat shop here at Alimuddin street.

Fish seedlings seller at Howrah Train Station. [Asus Zenfone 3M]
Crowded but dynamic, the City of Joy never stops. The Howrah Junction Railway Station has 23 platforms, and is the busiest and most crowded train station in India.