Miin chhuang taka an thil neih an sawi hian ka awt ve êm êm thin a, chutiang thil chu chhhuan tur ka nei ve em? tiin ka rilru a vak ruai thin. Chhuan tur chi hrang hrang ka zawnga, kan In, kan chhungte, kan thenawm-khawveng, kan chhung te pawh nilo, kan hmelhriat pawh nilo, anmahni ka hriat ve hrim hrim te thlengin, dang duh miahlovin chhuang takin ka sawi rawtui ve chiam thin.

Theichhungsen (Haematocarpus validus), thei-khuang-thlup an tih bawk chu…Kan thenawm te huan a mi

Kan kawmthlanga theichhungsen

Aia naupang, rualpui leh thian te laka ka intihtheih vena, ka chhuan ve ber thin chu kan kawmthlang huana ‘theichhungsen’ kha a ni a, a rah lai chuan thiante leh thian ni chiahlo te pawhin min tlawnin min kawm an chak thei hle thinin ka hria. Hetiang thei hi ngaw hnuai thinga zam chi a ni a, hmundangah chuan a tha thei vaklo a ni awm e. Amaherawhchu ka pi te’n kan kawmthlanga an lo phun chu a rah thei hlauha, mi tamtak neih ve loh a ni vei bawk nen, ka chhuang nasa thin hle. Hetianga chhuan tur ‘thei’ min phunsaktu ka pi leh pu te pawh hi ka chhuang.

In leh lo

Mi In chu awmlo se ka chhuang leh pek ngawt ang. Mahse kan In aia tha, lian leh nalh a tam si a, hei hi chu ka chhuang vak ngam lo; chhuan tur vak pawh a awm lo. A sakna a rei tawh avangin vaiho ât laia siam rangva khawng tak mai a chhunga chih a ni a, an char-tin, char-char, dui-tin, cubic lung tih angreng vel erawh a tling tha hle. Chu’ng vel bak chu han chhuan tur a awm lo, he Inah hian. Rim tak leh thianghlim taka an thawh chhuah atanga sak a nih erawh chhuan tham a ni.

Silh leh fen

Incheina ngaina mi tak ka ni bawk a, ka silh leh fen, thuamhnaw ang pawh hi a ang nei an tam ngailo; second-hand showroom a mi ka chhungte ‘shake’ kha a ni a, ka chhuang thei hle.  Kekawr kawng thawl deuh, mawngtama tang tawk tawk thei te, kawr tawngchham tak te, dikna chhinchhiahna leh rin awn pathum chuang tih angreng vel te pawh showroom ami min ‘shake’ sak ka ngah bawk a, ka chhuang thin khawp mai. Amaherawhchu heng pawh hi engmahlo mai a lo ni. Huau huau, inneih, inkhawmpui leh puipun nikhuaa a phur pawl nih ve ziah chuan ka chhuan ve êm êm, second-hand showroom a mi te chu chhuan tlak awzawng a lo ni leh lo thin; hetiang hunah hi chuan a tih chi loh tlat zel.

Hmel leh sakruang

Mahni tawkah na na na chuan ka tha ve chiang a lawm. Ka hmel, ka sakruang leh kimtlang te hi Pathianin a en a, tha a tih êm êm zinga tel pha ve ngat kha a ni bawk a, ka chhuang ve tak zet thin, midang an awm loh chuan! Midang an awm chiah hian a ni buaithlak thin ni. Ka lo chhuan ve êm êm ka sakruang te hi chhuantlak lohah an rawn chhuah zo ta  vek thin a. Pathianin tha a tih theuh theuh hi chhuantlak deuh leh chhuan tlakloh deuh zawng kan lo awm a ni awm e. Chhuan tlak hmel nei lo mah ila, tu emaw anga chhuan tham hmel tal neih ve ka chak!!!

Chhuan tlak hmel nei lo mah ila, tu emaw anga chhuan tham hmel tal neih ve ka chak!!!


Hei zet chu(h), kei aia chhuang an awm bik hlek lovang. Ka chhuang vet vet êm. “Isua” tih chuanna kawr pawh engemawzat ka nei a, hla lenglawng leh lengzem hla aiin Pathian hla ka hre tam zawka, ka thiam tam zawk bawk a. Engemaw hlekah van lam ka rawn zel thin. Thawhlawm thawh leh inkhawm te pawh ka uar, Biak Inah ka zai ring thei bawk si. “Aw, Isua hi ka va han chhuang tak êm!” ka ti rilru thin. Ngun leh zualin ka inngaihtuaha, ka kawra “Isua” tih inziak zozaia ‘Isua’ hi nge ka chhuana ka kawr zawk? Pathian hla ka hriat leh thiam zo zai te hi nge ka hnuk ti ulh tam zawka lenglawng leh lengzem hla ka hriat chhun tlem te hian? Engemaw hleka van lam rawn ziah chung hian A mi chhannaah hian ka lungawi tak zet em? A thu angin ka nung em? Ka thawhlawm thawh ve te pawh hi Farisai thawhlawm thawh ang lek ka ni zawk em? Ka inkhawm te hian Pathian thu  nge ka ngaihtuaha dinglam tlara tho ho hi? Nge ni a, a ri a nalh em, khawilai nge a sawi sual, a sawi ngai vawi engzatnge a sawi tawh? tih ngaihtuah reng rengin ka lo buai zawk? Biak Ina ring taka ka zai te hian Pathian fak duhna rilru tak tak nge ka put a, mahni inchawimawi tumna thinlung zawk? Nuam tih vang hrim hrima zai ka ni zawk em?

Mite’n Isua hming avanga hrehawm an tuar zia te, an nun hial an chan dan te, chhuang tak maia Isua hming avanga zah pawh dawn lova theihpatawpa bei thin hote ka ngaihtuah chang chuan, “Isua hi ka lo chhuang awzawng lo; kei aia chhuang an tam zawk a, an chhuang tak tak zawk fe bawk” val hi ka va tla chiang êm!

Chhuan ngei ngei tur

Mi te neih ve loh ka neih, ka chhuan theih awm chhun chu kan kawmthlanga theichhungsen chauh a ni ta. Mahse kumin April thlaa thli tleh khan a zamna ram-theihai (haite) kung a chhem thlu palh hlauh mai si…rah leh thei tak ang maw, a zamna tello hian? A rah theihloh vaih chuan chhuan tur ka nei dawn tawh lo tihna a ni mai, bel chauh lo chu.

Hlawh ka neih velehah ‘bel’ ka lei dawn a ni. Midang pawhin nei ve tho mahse bel hi chu ka hman dawn apianga ka chhuan ziah a ngai dawna, chhuanglo chuan a hman  theih dawn der siloh. Tichuan, chhuan tur dik tak chu ka nei mai dawn a, ka chhuang zel mai dawn a ni.

[UCC-a ka zirlai, kum 2004-a mi tharthawh leh… tleirawl lai, intih tawngkai thiam vanglai series-a telh tur tho a ni awm e 😀 … MSU Shillong Annual Magazine, ‘Hnam Lungphum’ 2004 – 2005-ah tihchhuah a ni]

…in Translucence

I can see myself only through a mirror. And I know that I would never see myself like other would see me.  Being a mirror lover, I let people see the world through a mirror. Prior to which, there’s an array of glasses. An array of conductors and semi-conductors known as sensors, which lies behind the mirror, and senses everything. A gentle press on a button called shutter button let the memory card record what I saw through a mirror. And they call that a Photograph. A mirror aided cameras, with a memory card are  what they called Digital Single lens Reflex Camera 😀

Sometimes, like fashion, technology keeps on changing and revolving. Sometimes bulky cameras are the no. 1 fashion, sometimes not. Sometimes, handy cameras are more fashionable. Handy cameras with a flipping mirror is near to impossible…(may be). When size does matter, technology comes to the rescue…Hence a camera technology without a reflex-mirror was developed.

Being a Leica fan for a very long time, but who doesn’t afford, I sold my 7 years old DSLR and some accessories, and invested it for a camera which look alike Leica the most (they might not like it, though)… a Fujifilm mirrorless aka an SLT camera. Customizing all the knobs and buttons to make it more ergonomical (like my DSLRs), I started to see the world through a translucent glass. My vision is now in translucence.

Here are some few pictures through my translucent vision. Of course, this is not a review article of a camera…just about pictures made by using fujifilm X-E3. If you wanted to read about the reviews and comments of this camera, just google it! 😀

A view from my veranda…just a random shot
On the bank of Chite Lui, SIPMIU is constructing a sewage treatment plant. The course of the Chite lui has gradually changed, as compared to our childhood days
Some part of Republic Veng, Aizawl

One of the reason why I opted for a smaller camera is street photography. Just a few minute across the Bara Bazar…

A school boy waiting for his nanny was enjoying the sidewalk near Dawrpui Church
Two Wheeler taxis are a new addition to Aizawl Traffic, cheaper rates, faster mode…
A roadside fastfood stall…tea and snacks are available and so is “kuhva hring”
Non-locals freely work here in Aizawl, provided they have a statutory permit. If they have that permit, then, there’s no discrimination from the locals.
2nd hand garments
A 2nd hand toy vendor
It would be every child’s dream to have a house full of toys…a toy seller unintentionally often make the children cry…hehe
As the working hour is over, offices are closed. This young boy while waiting for his father, who was a caretaker of this office sat and play with his father’s phone.
Night life in Aizawl is peaceful…there are few food vendors selling tandoori chicken. But most of the restaurants and shops are closed in the evening.
I saw these youths playing mobile games in front of a closed shop, I parked my bike, and clicked…they didn’t knew that they were photographed! 😀

At the end of the day, I remember Gabriel Fuchs  words “the more people are interested in photography, it is the manufacturer who gained the most, not the user…”

[All pictures shot with fujifilm X-E3 + fujinon 23mm f/2 lens]

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