Hawkdak kamtam ti ti: MADS Annual Art Exhibition 2018 thlirna

Mizoram Art Development Society (MADS)-in kumtina an neih thin, Annual Art Exhibition, Archive Hall Babutlanga neih mek chu Nov. 8, 2018 khan ka tlawh ve a. Tv. JVa leh Tv. Rema ten min lo dawngsawnga, painting te kan thlirhoa, Mizoram boruak tawn mek, rip tak lak ata rilru tih thawvenna tha tak a ni. A hlimawmin a boruak a zangkhai khawp mai.

He exhibition hi I&PR leh MADS te buatsaih a ni a. Nov. 6, 2018 khan  I&PR Director Pu David L Thangliana’n a hawng a, Nov. 9, 2018-ah khar a ni.

A hmun hma
‘Archive Hall’ tih hming hian lung a kuai a, mi a hip. Parking erawh a remchang tehchiam lo a, awmna a biru deuh bawk. Mipui nawlpui, kawngkal teilut satliah ang chi te an tlem phah deuhin a rinawm. Chutih rual chuan khawpui thawm riva leh bengchheng dangin a tihbuai loh avangin ngaihtuahna sawrkhawma thlir duh tan erawh hmun tha tak a ni.

Catalogue han tih tur chu a ni lem loin a lang, flyer emaw, brochure emaw ti ta ila a dik zawk maithei. Layout leh design pawh a tha thawkhat viau mai. Artist rual intelkhawm kutchhuak atan erawh ka la sit deuh. Exhibit chungchang information mumal a awm lo hian a hlut tur angin a ti hlu lo deuhin ka hria.

MADS Annual Art Exhibition 2018 Flyer

Kumdanga exhibition neihna aiin a hmunhma a eng tha a, thlirtu tan pawh thlir a nuam. Chutih rual chuan art works inang lo tak tak display a ni a, hmun a chep avangin insi deuh thupa tar a ni kha a uiawm ka ti tak zet. A aia hmun zau leh thawl zawk awm thei se, thlir bing duh bik thlir bing theihna turin.

Thlirbing bik neih harsa khawpin a inhnaih…hmunhma neiih that tawk loh vang erawh a ni ngei mai

Kumin MADS Annual exhibition hi kumdang aiin a tlai a, kumdang aiin a thawm a reh bawk. A rawn thleng thut ni berin a lang. Anmahni artist society lamah chuan an lo inhrilh lawk hma viau maithei tho e. Painting, drawing leh sculpture 140 chuang exhibit a ni a, artist 49 an tel. Kumdang ang bawkin kumina theme kan hmuh tam ber chu Mizo culture lam hawi a ni a, Landscape leh portrait a awm bawk a, caricature a awm bawk. A genre zawng chuan realistic hlang deuh thaw a ni. Subject, technique, concept etc. thil thar hmuh tur a awm lem lo.

Kumdang zawng aiin kan artist te kutchhuak a phuailuai niin ka hmu. Skill tha tak, uluk loh leh taimak tawk loh vanga mam lo, concept-a tel lem lo, kuthnu phuailuai ve hrim² hmuh tur a awm nual.

Composition, perspective, proportion etc
Composition lamah tan lak a ngai viau a, proportion leh perspective lamah kan la hniam zual niin a lang. Lu tê uchuak te, bawp sei uchuak te, vawk lian lutuk te, arpa lian over te, In liang sang ta lutuk te…mihring tê ta tet te…sawi tur a awm nual. Zirchian deuha, teh uluk deuha tihdik maitheih a ni ngei ang.

Concept leh subject
Tarlan tawh angin subject pui ber chu Mizo culture pholang thei a ni a. Mizo identity marker ni a ngaih theih turin pawnchei, ngotekherh leh thangchhuah puan te an hmang rim hle. Bristish-in min awp hma khan hetiang puan hi kan nei reng em? tih hi ngaihtuah tham tak a ni a, lo nei pawh ni ta se Lal mual kil phaklo leh hnamchawm ho khan an nei pha ve kher angem? Fehnaa inthuam nan an hmang phal angem? Tih Mizo kan tum lutuk deuh em?

Mizo te chu tlang chhip mual kila In sa thin kan ni tih lehkhabu ziaktu tam takin an ziak a, tun tuma art work-hoah erawh mual rai tha tak maiah, lane fel thlapa In ding a tam hle. Mizoram tlangdung hi Chhim leh hmar hawizawnga inkhawh a nih avangin khaw tam zawk hi chhim leh hmar hawia ding a ni a, Chhak leh thlang inhawi tawna In sak a ni tlangpui thin. Ni awm dan leh eng luh dan atanga teh a chutiang bawhchhia chu a awm fur. “Chutiang chiah chu a ni tur” tih theih a ni hauh lovang, mahse fimkhurna tur leh kan chik lehzual tur lai niin a lang.

Zovawk chal ngum er tan mai hmuh tur a awm a, Zovawk pian ni reng reng lo hnungzang zawl dah mai a awm nual bawk. Chutih rual erawh chuan Australia vawk tha mi ang tia zeta lian ni awm a ngaih theih a awm fur.
Kan kutchhuak ten belhchian a dawl lehzualna turin a tak tak hmuh tam a pawimawh. Thingtlang la hmu lo, thingtlang kawtthler lem ziak, Zovawk la hmu lo Zovawk lem ziak, Mizo thuama inthuam Aryan hmel hmai pu ta daih si te hi a pumpelh theihin a lang. Thingkung mum pel pul te, Zotlangsanga phai thing to ta tlat te, vur ram thing to ta tlat mai te pawh kha… ngaihtuah ngun deuh a, chik deuh a siam rem harlo tak tur a ni.

Rawtna tlem
Annual Art Exhibition hi MADS member a duh apiang tana tel theih a ni hian Artist tam tak a dawm kan rualin Artist te hian hmasawn phah nan an hmang lem lo emawni le a tih theih. Heng rawtna fahrah te te hi kan nei ve teh ang:
1. Exhibition hi tun aia a hlut a, artist ten hma an sawn lehzual theih nan a duh apiang tel theih ni chung si hian inthlitfim dan kawng zawn a tulin a lang. “Annual Exhibition-a tel pha” nih tuma hmasawnna rilru an put theih nan ruahmanna siam a tulin a lang.
– Jury mumal tak siam ni sela. A tel duh tur ten an works an thehlut anga, chuta tang chuan Main gallery-a tar tur chin bik thlan ni se.
– Jury ten an thlan dan hi grade hrang hrangah then ni se. An grade a zirin gallery-a a lai lum chang tur leh chang lo tur ruahman ni se.
– Tel phalo te pawh awm hial se.

2. Curating a mumal a tul. Insi thupa tar loh dan kawng dap a ngai.
– Theme inang deuh tar khawm. Viewing space tha zawk awm thei tura buatsaih a tul bawk .

3. Tun aia puandarh zau a tul viau bawk.


Artist te hi mahni ngaihtuahna puangchhuak tur te, a taka hmuh mai theih loh leh hriat mai theih loh te hmuh theih tura min chhawpchhuah sak turin kan beisei thin. Ngaihtuahna hruai a, an kutchhuaka min hruai lut thei kutchhuak hmuh hi kan chak em vanga hetiang thil hi sawi mai ka ni e.

…in Translucence

I can see myself only through a mirror. And I know that I would never see myself like other would see me.  Being a mirror lover, I let people see the world through a mirror. Prior to which, there’s an array of glasses. An array of conductors and semi-conductors known as sensors, which lies behind the mirror, and senses everything. A gentle press on a button called shutter button let the memory card record what I saw through a mirror. And they call that a Photograph. A mirror aided cameras, with a memory card are  what they called Digital Single lens Reflex Camera 😀

Sometimes, like fashion, technology keeps on changing and revolving. Sometimes bulky cameras are the no. 1 fashion, sometimes not. Sometimes, handy cameras are more fashionable. Handy cameras with a flipping mirror is near to impossible…(may be). When size does matter, technology comes to the rescue…Hence a camera technology without a reflex-mirror was developed.

Being a Leica fan for a very long time, but who doesn’t afford, I sold my 7 years old DSLR and some accessories, and invested it for a camera which look alike Leica the most (they might not like it, though)… a Fujifilm mirrorless aka an SLT camera. Customizing all the knobs and buttons to make it more ergonomical (like my DSLRs), I started to see the world through a translucent glass. My vision is now in translucence.

Here are some few pictures through my translucent vision. Of course, this is not a review article of a camera…just about pictures made by using fujifilm X-E3. If you wanted to read about the reviews and comments of this camera, just google it! 😀

A view from my veranda…just a random shot
On the bank of Chite Lui, SIPMIU is constructing a sewage treatment plant. The course of the Chite lui has gradually changed, as compared to our childhood days
Some part of Republic Veng, Aizawl

One of the reason why I opted for a smaller camera is street photography. Just a few minute across the Bara Bazar…

A school boy waiting for his nanny was enjoying the sidewalk near Dawrpui Church
Two Wheeler taxis are a new addition to Aizawl Traffic, cheaper rates, faster mode…
A roadside fastfood stall…tea and snacks are available and so is “kuhva hring”
Non-locals freely work here in Aizawl, provided they have a statutory permit. If they have that permit, then, there’s no discrimination from the locals.
2nd hand garments
A 2nd hand toy vendor
It would be every child’s dream to have a house full of toys…a toy seller unintentionally often make the children cry…hehe
As the working hour is over, offices are closed. This young boy while waiting for his father, who was a caretaker of this office sat and play with his father’s phone.
Night life in Aizawl is peaceful…there are few food vendors selling tandoori chicken. But most of the restaurants and shops are closed in the evening.
I saw these youths playing mobile games in front of a closed shop, I parked my bike, and clicked…they didn’t knew that they were photographed! 😀

At the end of the day, I remember Gabriel Fuchs  words “the more people are interested in photography, it is the manufacturer who gained the most, not the user…”

[All pictures shot with fujifilm X-E3 + fujinon 23mm f/2 lens]

I’m on Instagram too → https://www.instagram.com/thevidcvan/

of Mud and Clay

Pedology is a part of an ecological science that deals with the study of soil. In which, determination of soil texture is an important part. Silt, Clay and loam are the three important particles of soil texture. Their concentration in the soil determines the texture and physical quality of a soil. These are some few lines that I could remember from my formal education about clay and other forms of soils.

There can be no other grand welcome for a bambusapiens than a clump of Bambusa spp. at the backyard of the studio

For me, soil is a growth medium. Soil is an anchor. But to many, soil is not just a growth medium nor just an anchor. It is a medium for their expressions.

Mr. Bhim, a traditional potter at work

Everyone knows about pottery. Normally we get our Porcelain and ceramic products from the Mandarin source. And of course, they are normally meant for domestic uses. Hence, pottery, to me, was more of a functional works, than artistry, until I met this couple in Aug. 4, 2017.

An earthen staircase

Being an art follower, my artist friends – John and Kimtea, a Kala Bhavana Alumni along with Thara, took me to Goalpara, a village next to Santiniketan. While returning, we went to the studio of this couple. Their studio and their house were a creation, skillfully crafted, and artistically conceptualized. It would be every artists dream to have such a studio!

Biagio Luca from Italy was training at the studio when we first visited in Aug. 4, 2017. (L-R: Luca, Kimtea, Thara, John and Bityut)

I have been studying, teaching and researching on ecology for quite a few years now. I campaigned for ecological conservation among the teenagers. I used to talk about living in harmony with nature. I used to enjoy camping in the wild, among the bushes and the trees. But never ever have been connected with nature as much as I wished to.

A house of mud and clay, the studio of Mr and Mrs Roy

Here at Boner Pukur Danga, Santiniketan, I met two artist, whom mother nature matched them together perfectly. They draw their inspirations from nature – the trees, the bushes, the grasses and the socio-cultural lifes of the Santhali community. Even though they could easily get their medium through online market, they prefer the materials which nature provided them. They dug the soil, and prepare their medium themselves.

A ceramic studio constructed by using ceramic and producing ceramics

For a 3dimensional art works like ceramics, shapes and forms are the two important elements, in fact the whole concept is influenced by these two elements. Being a nature lover, Bityut and Lipi’s inspirations of forms and figures which they incorporate in their art works are from nature itself.


When asked why they live in such an isolated place, “I love the culture, traditions and the lifestyle of the Santhali community. If I lived in their village, I would distract them, so I choose a place where I could see them, where I could witnessed their simple yet riched lifestyle; a place near by them, without disturbing them” Mr. Bityut Roy replied.

Mr. Bityut Roy established the Studio in 1984.

“I am not a trained potter, but a painter. My interest and sources of inspiration is from the nature. My love for fine art and nature brought me here” said Mrs Lippi Biswas.

Mrs Lipi Biswas

Bityut and Lipi tie a knot in 1995. Since then, they have been in this field together. They enjoy what nature had provided them. For them, conservation is a lifestyle.

The entrance of the studio

As you walk into the studio, you can feel the swaying of the trees, the melody of the swirling leaves. It seems like a transect walk in a tropical forest, amidst the fog and the mist, accompanied by a drizzle to turn the mercury down.

Nature being fossilized into art work

You can hear the rippling streams. You can feel the chirping birds that are perching around, the croaking of a toad and the aroma of wild flowers blown by the cool breeze. At one corner, you can hear the rhythm of a Santhali percussion and the melodious tune of the womenfolks. It feels like we are more connected with mother nature.

Mr Jubal, a ceramic artist seriously analyzing the art works

For those of you who love nature and fine art, it is a must to visit the ‘Studio Boner Pukur Danga,’ but you have to be extremely careful not to break those fossils of nature embedded in an art work. And of course, buy from them!

The studio itself is an art work!

My second visit was on May 30, 2018. This time, I was accompanied by my lovely wife Rebecca and Mr. Jubal, a ceramic artist from Kala Bhavana. My wife was so much drawn into those art pieces that she was reluctant to leave!

Tea and snacks, in a ceramic cups and plate

You can reach them here:

Call: +919679984008 (Lipi Biswas)

via e-resources: marangburu@yahoo.com; studiobonerpukurdanga; studiobonerpukrudanga

My wife, holding the art piece that we purchased, posed with Mrs Lipi



Jan. 13, 2018 chawhnu herah, Art Novelty Gallery neitu, Pi Amoiin phone-in min rawn be hlauh mai a, JV-a nena Duet Exhibition an neih, Dec. 1, 2017-a kan chhim ve ni-a Video interview an edit thu leh kan lan venaah kan hming hnuaiah “Art Lover” tih mai a tum thu min rawn hrilh a, “ad libitum” tiin ka’n chhang liam mai bawk a.

“Art Lover” tih ṭawngkam hian ngaihtuahna nasa tak min siam zui a. He post pawh hi a lo pian chhuah phah hial a nih hi!

Rochana nen Amoii & JVa Duet Exhibition, Dec. 1, 2017 @Art Novelty Gallery, Chaltlang.

Fine Art hi engnge a nih? Engchin hi nge Fine Art? tih pawh hi Science lam hrilhfiahna anga thutlukna mum leh fel fai tak awm lem lo a nih hmel bawk si. Visual Art ho hi a rilin a thuk a, a huam zau êm êm ni awm tak a ni. Thil chiang lo ruai mai te hi a ril ting emaw tih tur hian an inhrilhfiah siak luih luih a, a ziaktu khan khang zawng zawng kha a hnaah khan a bilh tel vek tak tak angem? Tih pawh ngaihtuah tham tak a ni. Ṭhenkhat lahin a tak ang maiin an ziak a, a tak tak emaw te kan ti a, a lem a lo ni si…min bum a ni. Chungho chu an rilna aiin pawnlanga mawina an dah thiamna kha ngaihsan a ni leh lawi ṭhin ni awm tak a ni. Art hian rilna leh pawnlânna a keng tel a nih dawn hi!

Artist kutchhuak ṭhenkhat chu Commercial Art te an tihsak leh lawi a, Pop-Art ti te pawhin an sawi emaw ni… ṭawngkam hrang hrang, hrilhfiah dan hrang hrang, pawm dan hrang hrang hi a tam na laileng. Ngaihtuah ngun poh leh min tibuai a. Ngaihtuahna seng miahloa en erawh a pamhmai leh lawi bawk si.

Mi ṭhenkhat kutchhuak chu han en ila a mawiin a nalh nghal êm êm mai a, an rawng chi thlak te, an ziak dan phung leh chul mam dan ten mi a lemin ngaihno a bei nghal êm êm mai a, a tak a an viau phei chuan “a van mawi êm êm, thlalak ang mai a lawm…” an tia. Ṭhenkhat kutchhuak ve thung erawh chu naupang ziak emaw tih mai tur khawpa lemziak sikhaw, han thlek thuaka “engemaw ni le?” tih tur, en chet cheta thil eng emaw riau awma ngaih theih, kalsawn san hnu pawha ral aṭanga thlek leh zeuha, “sawta mi kha…a mak e…eng nge le…” tih ngai, va ennawn leh nge nge ngai chi te a awm a. Ennawn hnuah pawh “eng tak chu ni maw” tia ngaihtuah chunga lu thak lo pui hiah nauh nauh ngai, a ziaktu ziakchhan tur awm ang dawn vang vang chung pawha engnge a nih ngaihtuah fêt ngai a awm ṭhin. A ziaktu rilru leh ngaihtuahna ṭawmpui thiam thei tura en chuan eng pawh mai hi a lo hmuhnawmin, a lo hlu êm êm vek mai dawn a lo ni.

Kumthar Titi – Art leh a kaihhnawih. Jan. 4, 2018 @Art Novelty Gallery, Chaltlang

Mizo Senior Artist, Pa Tlanga (Tlangrokhuma) hnen aṭanga finna dawn tumin tum tam fe chu an Inah ka lenchilh tawh a, painting en dan te leh a kalhmang eng eng emaw hi chu min hrilh fo ṭhin a. Mizo painting ka duhkhawploh (ve rikngawtna!) te pawh zak lek lovin kan sawi ve thlazen bawk a. Art ka hmangaih vang nge, ka ngainat vang nge, ka phunchiar vang? Tih pawh ka hrethiam chiah lo.

Tun hnaiah Artist dang, Pi Amoii, Tv. Thlana, Pu Isaac-a leh Pu Hriata te nen kan inhmelhriat ve leh a, anni kiangah pawh chuan hre ber niawma ti ti vawrh hluai chang ka ngah ngang mai. Selna leh fakna a inchhawk zut mai. Tlangval damrei phunchiar…min ti pawh ni se a mawh lo ve!

Mizo Artist – Pu Isaac, Most Rev. Stephen Rotluanga leh Tv. Thlanchhuaha te nen, “Aizawl Art Festival” Dec. 13, 2017 @Art Novelty Gallery, Chaltlang

Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan hi Fine Art lama zirna hmun hmingthang pawl tak a ni awm e, a dintu Tagore-a te chhungkua avang pawh a ni maithei bawk. Santiniketan-ah hian Fine Art zir mek leh zir chhuak tawh Mizofa an awm ve nual a. Kum 2017-ah thildang buaipuiin ka inziak lut ve a, University-a ka kal chang hian Fine Art zirlai te nen kan inkawm ber ṭhin. Kimtea, John-a leh Jubala te ho kiangah Fine Art nia ka hriat ve te ka sep rawtui ve chiam chiam thin a… a sawi tui berah ka ṭang a, ka fuih e te ka ti a, a chang leh ka rawn thul…zan mut dawna ka ngaihtuah let chang erawh chuan ka zak ve leh deuh a, a tukah a ngai te bawkin bul ṭantuah bawk ka ṭang leh ṭhin…kan bula awm ve Physical Education zir mêk, Mahruaia leh Thara te tan khan a lo ninawm hrep awm asin. Santiniketan-a Mizofa te nen hian Santiniketan aṭanga chhuak tho, Mizo zinga Sculpturing lama degree nei hmasa ber, James-a, zara inhria kan ni.

Santiniketan titi kha ka ngaihtuah let fo ṭhin a, dang nal ber nih avanga sawi thui thei deuh ber kha ka niin ka inhria…Artist dang te leh artist te kutchhuak ngaisang ve thotu dang te nena kan titi te ngun taka ka ngiahtuah let hian “bel ruak apiang a ri ring” tih thufing kha ka hrechhuak fo ṭhin bawk. Fine Art lama ka hriatna pawn lawi zia te, ka thiam loh zia te ka inhre chhuak uar uar a, chutih rual chuan Artist tak tak te dawhtheih zia ka ngaihtuah chhuak bawk.

Kum 2016-a Zemabawk Branch KTP Diamond Jubilee lawmna chikhatah KTP member te tan “On the Spot Painting Competition” neih a ni a, thupui thlan sa “Ngaihtuahna” tih hmangin he thil hi ka ziak ve chiam pek a. Mawi an ti lo kha chu ka hrethiama, “lehkha chhia” emaw an ti kher kha chu ka la na ve det! lewll… Artist te tihdanin – Water Colour on paper…te pawh han ti ve ila :p

“Art Lover” nih theih dan tehkhawng hi a awm emaw ka hre lo a, a eng chin hi nge art lover-a chhiar tur ni a, eng nge hlen ngai? Ramri kham a awm em? Ka hre lo. Amaherawhchu “Art Lover” tih hi ka hmang fo a, a chang phei chuan ni ve hial  te pawhin ka inhre ve deuh ṭhin a, ka inchhal ve fo bawk a. Art Exhibition tlawh chin te, Art Gallery tlawh chin te, Art Gallery-a a ruka thla lakpui chin te, Artist te titipui chiam chin te hi “Art Lover” nihna tura tehkhawng ni ta se ka hnaih ve viau mai thei. Artist te ngaihsan leh a kutchhuak te ngaihhlut kawng zawnga teh ni ta se anmahni chu ka ngaisang, an kutchhuak pawh, mahse pakhat te pawh ka la lei sak lo! Ka va tla leh si awm em!

Art Gallery, Nagaland State Museum, Kohima. Mar. 18, 2006. (A ruka lak :v)

Hetiang taka Visual Art lama ngawng, hawkdak vanga thlir satliah hian Art Lover nihna ropui tak hi ka phu reng em? Mawi, nalh, hmuhnawm, ngaihnawm, ngainatawm tih avanga he thil hi hlawh chi a ni em? Lal Isuan zirtir Petera hnenah “…hengte ai hian min hmangaih zawk em?” tia vawi 2 zet a zawha Peter-an, “Ka ngaina che tih i hria e…” tia a chhan hnua, “…min ngaina em?” tia Isua zawhna, “ka ngaina che tih i hria e…” tia lunngai taka Petera’n a chhang ang deuh khan, “Visual Art hi ka ngaina tih in hria e.”