Phaileng ila

Mizorama țhalaite intawhkhawm lianber, KȚP General Conference kan thleng leh dawn ta reng mai. Tun țum hi a vawi 57-na tur a ni a, March 1 – 4, 2018 chhungin West Phaileng-ah neih a ni ang.

KȚP General Conference vawi 57-na neihna tur, W Phaileng khua hi Aizawl ațangin 85Km vela hla a ni a, LMV-in darkar 3 ațanga darkar 4 vel kal a ni.

Rawpuichhip by-pass…laih mek a nih avangin a la khu deuh…hetiang hi hmun 4 velah a awm

Tun țum Conference-ah hian thupui atan “Isua chhinchiahna put” [Gal. 6:17] hman a ni a, Rev. Vanlalzuatan thupui hi a sawi ang. Programme chipchiar chu General conference hlabu lamah a chuang bawka sawi zui thui lovang.

Pandal chhung

A thlengtu tur West Phaileng Bial te inbuatsaihna nasat zia leh inpêkna nasatzia a hmun ngeia hmuh chuan ‘Conference hlawhtling tak’ kan hman ngei hi a rinhlelhawm loh. In tinin mikhual ei tur vawk leh ar an vulha, Conference-a an mikhual te tan February thlatir ațang khan an lo inhrek tawha; an bazar-ah sa lei mai tur a awm tawh lo, Conference atan an khek vek tawh!

Halelui Veng, West Phaileng. Mikhual thleng turin an inbuatsaih ngawrh hle

Mikhual thlenna turin a  țhenin an In chungah hulhliap an zara, a țhenin an In hnuai, mi țhenkhatin bûk hran an sa bawk. A khawnawtin an In leh a vel an chei hnuma, rawng an hnawih thara, thawmțhat ngai an thawm țha bawk.

Halelui Veng, West Phaileng. Conference thleng turin an In an chei hnum nasa hle

Khawchhungah Sorkar hmalakna, Palai te chêt vel a awlsam zawkna tur hrang hrang hmuh tur a tam hle a, Conference zawh hnua khaw miten an chhawr zui zel tur a ni nghe nghe.

Pandal luhkapui, la zawh felloh

Pandal 275 x 170 ft a zau, mipui 12000 vel țhut theihna tur an saa, an rel laklawh laiin vanduai deuh mahse an inbuatsaihna erawh a pangngaiin a kala, pandal mawi leh NGHET tak kan nei dawn a ni.

Conference neihna tur pandal

Lamtual pawh mi sangtel lam theihna tura zau a ni. Conference danga kan la hmuh ngailoh, thutthleng rem dan chi dang  deuh kan hmu dawn bawk.

Pandal chhung, mi 12000 țhut theihna tur chu

Chanvo nei hrang hrang te chantual tur, 30′ x 90′ a zau, 4′ a sangin dawhsan siam a ni a. Dawhsan hnung bangah banner liantak, Tuikual Branch KȚP te siam chu tar a ni bawk ang.

Stage hnung lam atanga thlir…Speaker’s eye view te ti ta ila 😀

Conference hmangtu te tan remchang chi hrang hrang ruahman a ni a, pandal ațanga pan nuam tawk, pandal chhung ațanga hnawk pha silo turah zun-ram thiarna țhahnem tak siam a ni a, mipa leh hmeichhe hman tur a hranga siam a ni. Pandal kawtkai remchang laiah, tih țhin dan pangngaiin CKȚP office, Synod Bookroom leh office chi hrang hrang siam a ni leh ang.

Mipa Zun In

West Phaileng Bial huamchhungah hian veng hrang hrang a awma, khawdanga veng leh kawtthler hming atana hman lar loh tak tak a awm nual mai. Pastor Quarters awmna lai vel hi “Pastor veng” tih a ni a, chumi chhim lam chiah chu “Halelui Veng” tih a ni thung. “Chhim Veng, Bethlehem Veng, Kanan Veng” tih te hi chu hman tlanglawn a ni a, mahse Teirei kawnga “Workshop Veng” thlen hma deuha “Zig-Zag” kawtthler hi chu chhinchhiah a awl bik riau.

Pastor Veng

Conference thlengtu te hian hmachhuan tur dang an neilo, Isua Krista chauh lo chu. An khaw len loh dan leh mihring an tam loh dan chu keini aiin an inhrechiang zawk. Țhahnemngai takin, Kristian Țhalai te tan an inbuatsaiha, “ri mup mup mai ila, zi mup mup mai ila, chep takin inhnawhkhawm ila…” tih chu Conference buaipuitu lam te țawngkam ngaihnawm tak a ni [Thlengtu te inbuatsaihna video clip en duh tan hi klik mai tur].

Pandal chhung leh a vel cheimawitu lam ten pandal-ah puanțhui khawl inchhawpin hna an thawk mup mup mai bawk

Krista chauh hmachhuana thleng tur an nih avang tak hian Thlarau lama inbuatsaihna pawh an bei ngawrh, țawngțai pawl te kaihhruaiin nasa takin Conference pual hian an țawngțai reng a, Conference hlung tak, Thlarau Tianghlim hriakthih a ni ngei ang tih a rinawm tlat a ni. Taksa leh Thlaraua malsawmna chang ngei tura Conference hmang turin Zoram chhung leh pawna Kristian Țhalai zawng zawng te min sawm a ni.

Pandal chinchang…

Conference neihna hmun tur, W Phaileng khua hi Feb 16, 2018 khan kan tlawha, an inbuatsaihna leh hmalak dan te a ropui kan ti takzet a ni. Camera, battery awmlo erawh hmanna a tam lo hle. Phone (Zenfone3M) camera leh GoPro Hero 5 te erawh a țangkai narawh!

Battery tello chuan lungtum ah ang mai chauh a ni 😁😁😁

Ayubhowan: A Ceylon Diary

There’s a hymn by Reginald Heber (1783-1826) we used to sing, which read –

“What though the spicy breezes, Blow soft o’er Ceylon’s isle…”

Since then, the name Ceylon has been lingering in my mind. The Lord showed His mercy on me, and giveth me the privileged to experience the spicy breezes that blow across the Indian Ocean, for a week.  Like the hymnodist said, it was a beautiful country, which earnestly longed and sacrificed for peace.

Yet again, my camera was my diary, it freezes those moments, that portray Sri Lanka, the nation, that wished me “Ayubhowan” (May you live long).

Deities of the Kohomba

A twin percussionists played the Geta Beraya in a vibrant rhythm. The dancers swirl and swing to the groove of the percussions, and occasionally sang the vannam (a kind of recitation). Most vannam describe the behaviour of animals.

Kandyan dance is believed to originate from the dance performed by the deities of Kohomba in central Sri Lanka.

A group of dancer performing the Kandyan dance

The innaugural procession of the SACYN 2017 was led by these dynamic Kandyan dancers.

Family matter

A sweet smile was their response, as I point my lens towards them, a Sinhalese family. All through the week, I have noticed that the Sinhalese communities are a happy community.

A Sinhalese family – their simple gesture makes me feel at home

One of the major battles the Sri Lankan’s are facing is the battle, with nature, for land. Impact of climate change has been suffered by the country. Submerging of land is one of the major impacts. Land dispute between the Government and the citizens, especially the grassroots is another battle they are fighting. Submerging of land and the 30 years’ war the country had gone through enhanced the dispute.

All these internal conflicts and disputes are a family matters of the country. But climate change…its a matter of the earthlings as a whole!

Life along the Salt Canal

Reclamation and submerging of lands has always been a subject in an Island ecosystem. Several lands are often washed off or submerged by the sea waters. The Muthurajawela wetland in Negambo, Sri Lanka is also among those, often submerged by salt water. A canal was built by the British to drain the salt water in 1802 and named it Hamilton Canal (aka Dutch Canal). At present, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.

Settlement along the Salt canal

Houses are constructed along the canal, leaving only a narrow footpath, without a railing. It seems the settlers are well adapted to it, and never fell into the canal. On the contrary, I was told that a few moments before I shot this photo, a three-wheeler fell in it, but from the other side of the canal.

Fisherman’s agony
Fishing industry is one of the most blooming industries in the Sri Lankan economy. The government has envisioned a large scale fishing industry.At present, the fishing community comprises of the traditional fishing community with an improvised or modernised oruvas (sailing canoe). These fishermen are the grassroots of the society, continuing the fishing legacy for more than a century.

The Government’s new policy on the fishing industry is not so welcomed by them, as they have a suspicion that they will be overthrown by the corporate. The National Fishery Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) endlessly fights for the rights of the fishing community.

Fisherman untangled their caught

If the policy is empowered, not only the grassroots will suffer, but the method adopted by the fishing industry is detrimental to the environment; increasing the rate of erosion and submerging of coastal low lands. Fighting against both the climate change and the policy agonised the fisherman.

Fading glory

As the government is eyeing to enlarge the fishing industry, the traditional fishing communities, the grassroots of the society, are in despair. To them, fishing is not only a passion, but a life and a legacy.

With the advent of the corporate equipped with hi-tech fishing gears, the fishing legacy of the indigenous community is fading day by day, dwindling year after year.

A wife helped her fisherman-husband in picking the fishes and the crustaceans entangled in the net. Women play an active role in fighting for the rights of the fisherman.

There will be times when the traditional fishing technique will be seen only through art works, when the oruvas is only a museum collection. When those times come, they’ll ponder upon the good old days, their glorious days that fade…


After hearing all the country’s dark side, I met this young boy, who just came back from school. He was neither bothered by the past nor the future, but enjoyed the present. A confident smile was his reaction to the lens being aimed at him.

A Jolly and confident young boy of Negambo city.

He might not understand the struggle that the Lankan’s had gone through. He might not be aware of the bloody war that was fought. The consequences of the war were beyond his perception. But he’s enjoying the moment, he’s the new generation, a generation of peace and tranquility.

Walking the Negambo City

Negambo is a City on the west coast of Sri Lanka, north of the capital, Colombo. It is famous for its lagoon and beach.

A lottery counter in Negambo

A Lottery counter on the roadside had an ample amount of customers.

Street food- Almost all the food items contained at least a few pinched of sea food.

We were relentlessly searching for a street food hawker. We finally managed to find this guy. He might be a Sri Lankan Tamil, and the fruits that he hanged suggested he’s a Hindu.

A girl, waiting for a school bus

The internal politics of the country is beyond our knowledge. Many blamed the Government for not providing sufficient humanitarian aid to the civil war refugee. This picture, reminded me of those that still suffered the consequences of the civil war.

Peace – a Tamil gentleman

On the contrary, this Tamil gentleman gestured the sign of peace. Ironically, the Sri Lankan Civil War was fought between the Tamil separatist and the Sri Lankan Government.

As she finished her noon prayer, a believer rejoicingly left the Church. She was sitting and praying at the back pew. She was wearing a hearing aid. I, oftenly, used to think that what the mainstream society called differently-abled are more devoted and consecrated to their faith.

A devoted believer

St. Stephen’s Church has a long history. Built in 1877 and consecrated on Jul. 31, 1880, was declared as Archaeological protected monument in 2011; and it belongs to the Anglican Church.

St. Stephens Church, Negambo

I bid goodbye to Sri Lanka on Oct. 14, 2017.

“Ayubhowan, Sri Lanka”


Environment Humhalh

  1. Environment chu engnge?

Environment chungchang te, a chhiat tawh dan leh a humhalh dan kawng hrang hrang te kan hre chamchi a, mahni phak tawk theuhah, a humhalhna kawngah pawh hma kan sawn tlang viau tawh a, a lawmawm tak zet a ni. Environment han tih hian Mizo tawng chuan “Kan chhehvel thil” tiin kan sawi mai thina, a dik thawkhat viau a, amaherawhchu Environment-ah hian keimahni, mihring te leh nungcha dang te pawh hi kan tel ve a ni tih kan hriat nawn a tha. Zirmite chuan Environment hi hlawm lian tak pahnih – Biotic (nunna nei) leh Abiotic (thil nunglo) Environment-ah te an la thendarh leh chhawnga. Tun tumah hi chuan Bio-Physical Environment (Nunna nei te leh an chenna chhehvel) hi kan sawi ber tur a ni ang.

  • Environment awmzia:

Environment hian a huamzau hle a, science lam te, mihring nunhona leh thanlenna lam hawi zawng te, leh thilnung chi hrang hrang te inlaichinna lam hawi zawng te pawhin a sawi theih ang. Ecological Environment-in a kawh ber ni a lang chu thilnung chi hrang hrang te leh anmahni nghawngtu, an chhehvela thildang awm te hi a ni. Heng anmahni nghawngtu zingah hian thilnung, nunna nei leh thilnunglo, nunna neilo te a huam. A tawi thei ang bera sawi dawn chuan “Thilnung leh anmahni nghawngtu thil chi hrang hrang te” tiin sawi ila a pawm a hahdam mai awm e.

  • Humhalh a ngaih chhan:

Pathianin nunna a duan dan hi a mak a, thilsiam engpawh mai hi mahnia nunga awm thei engmah an awm lova, inmamawh leh inpeng tawn theuh kan ni. Pathianin min siam dan phung anga kan nun chuan buaina leh harsatna a thleng lem lo; mahse, duhamnaa khat mihring te avang hian chu khuarel kalphung pangngai chu tihdanglam (manipulate) a ni fo a, chu chuan he leia thilnung leh thilnung lo te inlaichinna chu nasa takin a tibuai ta a ni.

  1. Environment tibuaitu te:

Environment hi thil chi hrang hrang inzawm khawm a nih avangin awlsam tea chhe maithei, der dep ru tak a ni a. Chhan hrang hrang avanga danglam dawrh thei a ni.

2.1 Khuarel chhiatna

Zirmiten an zir danah chuan khawvelah hian khuarel kalphung pangngai avangin chhiatna chi hrang hrang a lo tleng tawh thina. Arsi tla avanga a tlakna hmun danglam dawrh dan te, leimin leh tui lian avang te, lirnghing leh thlipui avang te, tlang kang avang tea khawvel danglam theih dan chu sawi ngai lovin kan hre theuh awm e. Heng khuarel thil te hi chu a thawhdan a muan (a intham chhung a rei) avang leh hunbi fel tak neia thleng a nih tlangpui avangin thilnung tinreng te pawh engtikah emaw tawk thut thei tura hriatna mak tak mai Pathianin min pe a, kan insiamrem thei thin; chutiang tih theihna chu adaptation an ti.

2.2 Mihring te avangin

Environment tibuaia, harsatna siam nasa bertu chu mihring te hi kan ni awm e. Kan nawm kan makah khuarel kalphung bawhchhe thak khawpin thlai thar rang leh thar hlawk kan buaipuia; rah tha tak chhuah se kan duh avangin leilunga thlai chawmtu leitha Pathianin a dah sa chu duhkhawp lovin leitha dangin kan vura, thirdawt hmangin luitui kan la penga.  Development changchawiin kan awlsam dan tur ngawt kan ngaihtuaha, lirthei leh veivahna tur hmanraw chi hrang hrang kan siam chhuaka, chung thil te avang chuan he khawvel hi a lo lum tawlh tawlha, tui thianghlim in tur a vang telh telha, lei a da telh telh bawka. Lei kan laia, in lian pui pui kan saa, tuihawk luankawr kan ti danglama, lui a mi tiau kan laa, sarang leh plastic hmanga siam bungrua kan uar telh telh bawka. Kan hnawmhnawk kan paih duhdaha, paihna pangngaia paih pawhin a sawngbawlna kan nei tha leh silova, hnawmhnawk awmna kan sawn chu a ni ber e. Ei zawh mai sen loh thlai kan thar avangin a vawnthatna kan siam a ngai leha, chu chuan a leh a lingin environment a tibuai leh a. Mihring ten khawvel kan tichhe mek a, a tawp khawkah chuan keimahni bawk hi a buai berah kan tang leh ta a ni.

  1. Environment buaiin a nghawng theih te

Environment hi kan chhehvela nunna nei leh neilo, kan dam khawchhuahna atana min nghawng tute tiin tawngkam dangin a sawi theih ang. Hetiang tak a nih avang hian environment a buai miau chuan kan dam khawchhuah dan tur hi a buai tihna chu a ni ber awm e. A nghawng theih zawng zawng chu kan hre seng hauh loa, a sawi lah kan sawi seng hek lovang, ni tinin a nghawng chi dang hi a lo lang chho zel a ni.

3.1 Climate change

Climate change tih tawngkam hi tunlaia tawngkam lar tak a ni a, US President, Donald Trump-an a ngaihthah tlat avanga khawvelin a dem zia pawh kan hre theuh awm e. Mizo tawng chuan sik leh sa danglam tiin a hrilhfiah theih mai awm e. A duhtui deuh chuan Climate change tih ringawt hi an duhtawk lova, abrupt climate change ti tein an sawi deuh kher thin.

Sik leh sa danglam nasa hian environment-ah nghawng nasa takin a neia, chu mai piah lamah ram inrelbawlna thlengin nghawng a nei nasa dawn hle niin zir mite chuan an sawi. Khawchin mumallo – khawlum tawlh tawlh, thlasik vin tak, nipui – tawrh harsa khawpa lum, ruah baw hawk tam tawlh tawlh, kum tluana ruahtui insemruallo, khawkheng adt. hi sik leh sa danglamin a nghawng langsar chu a ni. Heng avang hian natna hrik kan hriat ngailoh a lo puang chho mêk a, ram luma awm chauhin an vei thin kha Zo tlangsanga awm te pawhin kan lo vei ve ta zel bawk.

3.2 Ecological balance buai

Ecosystem a in-balance lo,” “Ecological balance a buai” tih te hi Mizo tena tawngkam kan hman uar tak a ni chho ta zel a. Ecosystem chu leia thilnung tinreng te leh thilnung lo te nunho, chenho dan leh an inlaichin dan a ni a; Ecology chu thilnung leh thilnung lo te inlaichin dan chungchang zirna a ni. Mizo thufing chuan “Lungpui pawh lungtein a kamki loh chuan a awm theilo” tih kan hmu a, he tawngkam tluka ecosystem sawifiahna hi a awm awm lo ve. Thil nung tinreng te leh nunna neilo te hi kan inmamawh dan a inanglo hret hreta, kan mamawh loh kha engin emaw a mamawh. a mamawhtu kha eng atan emaw kan mamawh ve leh thin; chutiang taka he khawvela Pathian thilsiam te hi inmamawh tawn kan ni. Ecological balance chungchang entirna pakhat chu rul chungchangah hian a ni awm e:

Mizo te hian rul hi kan haw hle maia, Eden huan nena kan sawi zawm tawh phei chuan rul zawng zawng hi kan hmu setana vek mai thin. Tunhnaia Mizorama rul chuk vanga thihna leh hliam tuar tam zawk hi Ecological balance buai vang niin a lang. Rulngan hi rul dang eitu langsar tak a ni a, Mizorama rulchuk tamzawk hi rulngan chuk nilovin ruldang (khuavang rul – Black Krait, Rultuha etc) chuk a ni a. Rul tur nei dang eitu tur, rulngan a tlem avangin rul chuk hi a tam ta sawt ni berin a lang. Chutiang zelin rul population vawngthatu ber chu rulngan a ni. Khuarel kalphungah hian top predator (a eitu lian ber) hi an tlem ber thin a, hnawksak tham khawp rulngan hi an awm a rinawm loh. Chutiang zelin thilnung pakhat a tlem/awm tak loh avang hian kan rin phak bakin nghawng a nei pawi thei a ni.

Pathianin khawvel kalphung a duan danah hian inei tawna, inchawm tawn tur kan ni a; eitu lian ber pawh a thih meuh chuan sulrul leh lei hrik ten an eirala, chu chu hnim leh thlai te chawmtu a lo ni ve leh tho thin, chutiang taka inmamawh tawn chu kan ni. Sik leh sa danglam nasa tuar chhuak ve theilo thilnung, thilsiam dangte laka nghawng nei lian si an awm; chu harsatna chu kan hmachhawn chho tan mek a ni.

  1. Engtia hmuhalh tur nge?

Duhâm loh hi a hnukhnai ber a ni a, zawh harsa ber a ni thung awm e. Environment pawimawh zia sawiin Prof. Guy McPherson chuan, “Environment aia sum leh pai a pawimawh zawka i hriat chuan thaw lovin i pawisa kha han chhiar chhin teh” a ti a. Kan dam khawchhuah nana pawimawh leh tul hmasa zawk aia sum leh pai kan ngaihpawimawh hmasak zawk hi chuan kan khawvel hian a chhiat belh zel dawn a ni.

Environment humhalh nana inzirtirna lar tak chu “three R” an tih mai – Reduce, Reuse leh Recycle te hi a ni a, heng bakah hian thalai ten kan tih theih tam tak a awm awm e.

4.1 Mamawh tih tlem (Reduce):

Kan mamawh tih tlem leh ningnawi tih tlem hi environment humhalhna tha taka ni. Kan mamawh siamchhuahnan hian tha leh tui, natural resource tam tak hman ral thin a ni a, ningnawi kan ngah hian a lo thlawnin kan natural resource te kan khawhral tihna a ni bawk. Chu chuan environment-ah a pawi zawngin nghawng a nei nasa hle a ni.

4.2 Hman nawn (Reuse):

Hman hnu hman nawn theih thil kan hman nawn hram hram hi a pawimawh hle. A bik takin tawihral mai theilo thil – sarang leh plastic te phei chu hman nawn a theih chhung hman nawn a tha.

4.3 Tuai thar (Recycle):

Kan hmanrua leh bungraw neih tam tak hi tuai thara, siam rema, her rem theih thil a ni a, chutiang thildanga siam theih emaw, her rem theih emaw, tuai thar theih emaw chu kan tuai thar zel a pawimawh hle. Motor ke (tyre) chhia hmangin bal-tin te, pangpar khawina leh hrui te an siama, eizawn nan hial te an hmang a. KTP te pawhin sumtuaknan lehkhachhia te kan khawna, kan hralha, lehkhapuanah bawk an lo tuai thar leh a, chutiang zelin tuai thara siam rem theih loh hi tlem te chauh a ni.

4.4 Lakchhuah (Recover):

Environment humhalhna chungchangah hian 3R hi nasa taka sawi thin a ni a, tunhnaiah hian “R” palina “Recover” hi inzirtir chhoh leh mêk a ni bawk. Hnawmhnawk kan neih hrang hrang te zinga mi, hman tlem theih ngawt si loh, hmannawn theih bawk si loh leh tuai thar theih chuang si loh te tangkai zawka hman theih dan kawng a ni ber awm e. Heng hnawm kan neih hoah hian chakna (energy) lakchhuah theihna atanga lakchhuah (eg. Bio-gas) dan kawng hi dapa, hmalak theih a ni.

4.5 Chin dawklak kan inenfiahna tur te:

Ramdang thlai leh ran (pet), exotic variety kan lalut nasa hian kan rama tualto leh awm sa te nasa takin a nghawng bawk. Hei hi a pawi theih zia kan ngiahtuah vak lo hlawm niin a lang. Kan than harh a hun viau a ni. Hnamdang kan huata, kan ngaihmawh teh lul nen hian ramdang thlai leh ran te erawh kan ngaisang viau lawia. Kan rama thlai leh ran te hian an haw ve ngawtin a rinawm!

Bawlhhlawh paih leh sawngbawl dan hi hma kan sawnna tur pawimawh tak a ni. Khawlaia leh kawrkama bawlhlawh paih mai mai te, hawina lam apianga kuhva funna leh cigarette kawr leh zial bung thehthlak te, lirthei atanga thil eina ningnawi theh thlak mai mai te hi kan sim a hun hle.

Kohhran, KTP leh chianti-thatni-a kan leklam tak, Thermocole kan tih mai “Styrofoamdisposable item kan hman dan chungchangah hian kan fimkhura, kan uar loh tial tial a tul viau bawk. Styrofoam te hi a tawih ral ve theiloa, a zan em avangin thliin a chhem leng nasa a, a hnawksak leh zual; sarang leh plastic te tluk zetin a hnawksak chho tan niin a lang.

4.6 Ramngaw humhalh

Environment enkawlna kawnga englai pawha pawimawh reng, a ki pui chu ramngaw humhalh hi a ni. Ramngaw ti riraltuah hian loneitu te chauh hi kan puh fo thina, ngaihtuahna thar kan sen a tul viau. Ram hmasawnna in a hrin, kawngpui tha te, hmasawnna ruh rel building lian leh khir pui pui te, factory tena ramngaw an tihchereu nasat zia te, Insakna hmanrua leh Inchhung mamawh siam nana ngaw kan thiah nasat zia hian sawi a hlawh lo fo thin. Ramngaw chereu loh theih dana ei kan zawn thiam a pawimawh. Thing phun leh enkawl puitlin hi kan tih tur pawimawh tak a ni.


Pathianin he lei hi mihringte chenna tlak turin ni 6 chhung a buatsaih lawk a. Chumi niruk chhung chuan mihring te mamawh tur a dah kim vek a ni tih Gen 1 & 2-ah te kan hmu a. Chutiang taka uluka Pathianin a duan kan enkawl dan leh kan hman dan erawhin ngaihtuah a ti thui tak zet a ni. Hnam mawl apiangin Pathian kutchhuak te an ngaihluin an zaha, hnam fing leh hmasawn inti apiangin an duh danin an chinglet vel niin a lang. Sam ziaktu chuan “Ramhnuaia sa tinreng hi ka ta asin, Tlang tina cheng ramsate pawh ka ta a ni. Tlanga sava tinrengte pawh ka hria a, Thil nung zawng zawng pawh ka ta a ni” (Sam 50:10 & 11) a ti a. Pathian thilsiam zinga chungnungber, mihring te hian Pathian ta kan enkawl a ni tih inhre thar leh ila, a siamtu leh a dintu zahna nen kan environment hi i enkawl ang u.

Sawiho tur te:

  1. Environment humhalh kawngah engtin nge KTP ten hma kan lak ang?
  2. Thilsiam tinreng te hi inmamawh tawna inpeng tawn theuh kan ni tih hi kan pawm em? (Pawm/pawm loh chhan sawi ni se)
  3. Thilsiam dangte laka kan mawhphurhna hi hlen tha tawkin kan inhria em?


[For Maubawk Bial KTP – 30.07.2017]